Resources for Suicide Survivors

We want to express our sincere sympathy to you in the loss of your loved one.  Suicide is the most misunderstood of all deaths.  You are being faced with the most tragic event of your life.  According to the American Psychiatric Association, “The level of stress resulting from the suicide of a loved one is ranked as catastrophic – equivalent to that of a concentration camp experience.”

Remember, you are not alone in this struggle.  In the United States, over 30,000 individuals die by suicide each year.  You must take care of yourself and do whatever it takes in order to survive.  The key word here is survive.  The intensity of your pain will lessen in time; however, the miss of your loved one will always be present.  We will never forget our loved ones, because love never dies….

When I was the facilitator of Suicide Survivors Support Group I gave this handout to all the newcomers. I hope it will provide some comfort to those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

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